A friend of mine recently asked me about what she should consider regarding relocating to Zurich, if she accepts her new job offer…  I thought it would be easy to give her a few pointers about relocating to Switzerland. However, after my first sentence describing what a great city Zurich is, I was flooded with questions like:

Do I need a visa?

What is the best area to live in?

Can I bring my dog?

Where are the International schools?, etc. etc.

And although I’ve been living here for some time, I got stuck… Naturally, my needs are different from my friend’s and therefore, the things that I knew did not exactly match what my friend was looking for.

Luckily, I still remember when I was new to Zurich, how glad I was when a colleague of mine mentioned a magazine named ‘Hello’ which turned out to be a good source of information on some of the topics I was interested in.

For example, their article ’10 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO TO RELOCATE TO SWITZERLAND’ will help in putting a list of things to think about and prepare for before relocating to Switzerland. Click Here to read more:

And please do let me know if this was helpful?

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Relocating to Switzerland? What to do before relocating?