With the range of all of our post box options available to you, it may be somewhat confusing to understand at first. To give yourself peace of mind before you go ahead and rent online with us, here at PostBox4You.ch we’ve prepared these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to answer most of your questions.
We did our best to cover all areas you might be interested in, but please contact us here should you have any questions.

Do I need a business or personal mailbox?

A professional ‘high street’ business address available with the option of a physical mailbox in store from which to collect your mail and packages sent via any carrier. Buy online today and use our address to boost your business.

Safe and secure mailing address for your private mail and packages sent via any carrier. Let us sign for your urgent deliveries and you collect from us whenever convenient.
A Personal mailbox is designed and priced to handle private mail only and cannot be used for business purposes.

How can a PostBox4You.ch mailbox benefit me?

A mailbox from PostBox4You.ch offers a mail or parcel receiving solutions to meet almost every need. If you’re a frequent buyer of goods online, you can rent a postbox, arrange for your purchases to be delivered to your mailbox address and we’ll sign for your deliveries, meaning you do not need to take time off work waiting in for your deliveries. We even can manage responses to mailing campaigns in a similar way to a PO Box service.


If you work from home but need an alternative address, PostBox4You.ch Zurich can provide you with a prestigious, professional street address that can offer a polished image for you or your business in central Zurich.


Are you out of the office or do you travel regularly? – You don’t have to worry about packages being returned or left on your doorstep. With a PostBox4You.ch Zurich mailbox we receive your post from the Swiss Mail or any other post service provider, sign for packages from any carrier, and hold them in a secure location for pickup at your convenience. Or we can forward your mail to any address in the world.


Do you have a temporary address? We can provide you with a more permanent base in Zurich center for your important mail and forward mail to you as required.


Do you live in shared accommodation? Avoid the risk of mail and packages going missing in ‘halls of residence’ with your own locked and secure postbox located at PostBox4You.ch Zurich.


Do you live in shared accommodation? Avoid the risk of mail and packages going missing in ‘halls of residence’ with your own locked and secure postbox located at PostBox4You.ch Zurich.


Are you moving abroad but want to maintain a base in Switzerland? We offer you an alternative for any business or personal correspondence. We will collate your post and forward it to you wherever you have moved to.

To find out more about a postbox from PostBox4You.ch Zurich please contact us, call us on + 41 (0) 797 863 752 or pop into our store at Talstrasse 70, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland for a chat.

Can I register my company at your address?

Use PostBox4You.ch Zurich address for your registered company address.

Do you forward my mail on to me?


When you rent a mailbox from PostBox4You.ch it is so much more than just a box. You get:

  • 9-5, Mon-Saturday access to a real, physical mail box
  • Mail forwarding to anywhere in the world
  • We accept deliveries from any courier, so you don’t need to worry about parcels and signed-for packages arriving when you’re not around
  • You can call us or email to check whether you’ve got mail

What does mail forwarding cost?

Mail forwarding costs CHF 5.00 each time you wish to have your mail forwarded. Then you simply add the cost of an envelope or jiffy bag plus the postage or courier costs. The team at PostBox4You will select the best service and solution for each mail forwarding requirement.

Benefits of mail forwarding?

  • If you use our postbox as your company address we can still forward the mail to you at home without giving out your personal address.
  • If you have a temporary address we can provide you with a more permanent base for your important mail and forward mail to you as required.
  • If you travel regularly we can hold your mail and forward it to you whenever you like – in physical or electronic format.
  • If you move abroad you can keep a base in Switzerland and with our post forwarding service you can receive it anywhere in the world.

To find out more about mail forwarding or your postbox rental options please contact us or call + 41 (0) 797 863 752.

Am I able to check my mail without coming into store?

With your mailbox from PostBox4You.ch you don’t have to come in-store to check for mail.

You can save your time by calling us at + 41 (0) 797 863 752 or email at info@postbox4you.ch any time to check whether there is anything waiting for you, or alternatively ask us to let you know when something goes into your box.

What is the difference between a ‘Virtual’ & ‘Physical’ mailbox?


A Virtual postbox allows you the use of our prestigious Zurich Kreis 1 address, without the need to have a physical mailbox for your mail to be kept in. Your mail is securely held by the us to be either collected by you (within our opening hours) or to be forwarded on to your private address.
Virtual postboxes are favored by those who live, work or run their business from outside of Switzerland and need a professional mail receiving, processing and forwarding service.


A Physical postbox is an actual mailbox in our store for you. Your mail is received by us (signed-for if necessary), safely stored in your locked mailbox ready for you to collect at your convenience. We still offer the same mail handling and forwarding services as with a Virtual postbox; however the bonus is having your own physical, personally serviceable mail location away from your home or business.

We hope that makes it a bit clearer for you. If you have any further questions, please send us an email at info@postbox4you.ch or give us a call on + 41 (0) 797863752.

How can I cancel my postbox service and what happens to my mail? 

If you wish to cancel your postbox service before the end of the contracted rental period, you must give at least one calendar month’s written notice to the PostBox4You store where your rental is held.
Unfortunately we can not refund your payment. After your cancellation has been processed we will return any mail or packages received directly to the sender.

What are your Terms & Condtions?

Please find our Terms & Conditions here.

Do I need identification (ID) to rent a mailbox?

Please find the ID requirements here.