5 Reasons why having a P.O. box in Zurich proves to be helpful

Sometimes I wonder how much worst it would have been if I didn’t have a P.O. Box…

What is a P.O. Box? It is a lockable mailbox formerly only located at the post office station. P.O. Boxes were usually used to receive mail in areas where mail is not delivered directly to your home. Nowadays, the P.O. Boxes have other uses arising from the changes in our lifestyles.

Lately, many of the P.O. Box stations in Zurich have been closed and we have seen an increase in these inquiries. Are there alternatives to the Swiss post P.O. Box stations? Yes, and one of them is with us, postbox4you located at Talacker 35, CH-8001 Zurich.

Here are 5 good reasons for getting a P.O. Box:


One of the most common sources of identity theft is mail stolen from a home mailbox.
Receiving your mail in a locked box inside a secure location is much more reliable than a mailbox in front of your house.


Fees for P.O. Boxes in different countries vary, depending on the box location and size, the volume of mail, the forwarding or other services involved.

For example, in Switzerland, the cost to have a Swiss post P.O. Box is CHF 240.00 per year if you receive less than 5 letters per day. In UK the cost for a P.O. box starts at £28.20 per month.

As a comparison, at postbox4you, we offer a FREE P.O. Box with an annual ID Verification&Registration fee of CHF 50.00. You only pay for the mail you receive. For example, to receive a letter costs only CHF 1.00. You can keep the post-box as long as you like. There is no contract and no minimal period to rent. In addition, our location at Talacker 35, CH-8001 Zurich in the center of the Zurich’s financial district is a great image-boosting extra. There are other services which come with the P.O. Box rental, such as receiving your parcels, electronic scanning and delivery of your mail and forwarding it to any part of the world, etc.


One of the main reasons to have a P.O. Box is to protect privacy. While it is Ok for family and friends to know where you live, it is entirely another matter to have your private home address advertised to the whole country due to the fact that you recently started a small home business. By getting a P.O. Box, you take another mailing address that you can use for your correspondence.
For example, running a business where you need to correspond with contractors and clients and do not want them to know your home address.


Customers may find your business more professional if you have a physical office instead of working at home. However, renting an office is often expensive.  
P.O. Box is a happy medium. It is much more affordable than an office, starting as low as CHF 10.00 for registration.


Having a permanent address for your business or for your personal correspondence is important.
For example, you move home and your address changes but your customers still send you mail to your old address, which you may never receive.
With a P.O. Box, your address will never change and thus, you will be considered as a stable and consistent business which is always a plus in client relationships.  


Having your own P.O. Box for whatever reason has many advantages (likely even more than 5). 
Choosing where to have it is also important, so choose your provider wisely and do your research first by considering the following:

  • Do you value your privacy and security and at the same time, are you interested in controlling your cost?
  • Are you a service provider (accountant, lawyer, tax adviser, wealth adviser, moving company, etc.) and would like to offer your clients a cost-effective yet personalized mailing solution at a highly prestigious location?
  • Will receiving your mail at a government-run facility expose your private information unnecessary and cost you more in time and money to manage your mail?

Our specialty is providing mailing solutions and would be happy to answer your questions and offer you a customized solutions.

We currently offer a promotion for our P.O. Box service – call us to find out how it will solve your problem now.

To your success:
Your postbox4you team

P.O. Box – 5 reasons to have one in Zurich