A Physical Postbox is an actual mailbox in our store for you! Your mail is received by us (signed-for if necessary), safely stored in your locked mailbox ready for you to collect at your leisure. We still offer the same mail handling and forwarding services as with a Virtual Mailbox; however the bonus is having your own physical, personally serviceable mail location away from your home or business.


  • Paperless receipt of your mail. Should you choose this method, you can received scanned image of all your letters in your private secure portal
  • Free mail re-direct within Switzerland
  • Free secure shredding of items you no-longer wish to keep
  • Free to receive any number of letters and parcels
  • Free electronic storage of your letters or documents as long as you are our client
  • Free forwarding of your letters to any address in Switzerland (postage fees apply), and more.

For a full list of our services, please feel free to inquire in our store or here.

You can rent a Physical postbox for different lengths of time: