Simplify your life with a personal mail and address solution from postbox4you. Whether you currently have to share mail facilities, live abroad or traveling around the country or living abroad and need a secure address for your post, want to separate your work and home life, or maybe you simply want the privacy and exclusivity of your own mailing address, a personal mailbox solution from postbox4you puts you in control.

We offer PAPERLESS management of your post and mail content, providing you with the same flexibility you have with your personal email. Paperless mail gives you free electronic storage and unlimited number of scanned pages with ALL of our Individual or Business post box rental solutions.  Ask for details


Having a physical postbox allows you to have the freedom of when, where and how you receive, manage and send your mail, parcels and post. Independently of where you are, we have a myriad of services to make your life easier. More ⇒


The Virtual postbox  will provide you with the same flexibility and customization as the physical postbox less the fee and the exclusive private space of a physical letterbox.


Now you can freely cruise on the web and enjoy the internet shopping knowing that you can receive all of your orders securely in your postbox and we will sign for you and store your purchases until you collect them.

You can also try that beautiful dress or shirt in our lounge before you decide to keep it or return right away without the need for packaging materials, courier, or going to the post office.